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Embedded / Electronic circuit projects and training
for engineering (B Tech) students - ece, eee

As a part of 'share-knowledge' program, Truetek World offers advanced embedded / circuit projects to the budding engineers and other technical students against their (final year) engineering project. Also, training cum workshop in embedded systems is offered which enables the student to become a hard core embedded programmer.

Truetek World is committed to trigger the logical / practical skill of the student (fundas to advanced!) for design, quality, trouble shooting etc, as per industry practice. The a/c lab uses state-of-the-art instruments and eda tools. The firm encourages students who are interested to develop design / quality / testing / trouble shooting skills along with project completion, so that he/she can stand out in the crowd during viva or interview. Our fee structure is very much affordable.

Training on PCB artwork design / fabrication and schematics drawing (as per industry standards) are offered together with the project or separately.

On site seminar / training / practical workshop
at enginering colleges or tech institutions or schools

Our 'share-knowledge' program is also extended to engineering colleges and other technical institutions so that a large number of ece / eee students will be benefitted. This includes audio - visual presentation of (industry standard) practical electronics covering component selection, electronic design (embedded / circuit), pcb artwork and fabrication, soldering, quality, testing, trouble shooting etc, with or without practical workshop.

'Hobby electronics' tailor made for schools is also offered which can ignite the curious minds for better future in the field of engineering / technology. Kindly contact us for more details.

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