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About Truetek World

Truetek World was conceived during the year 1999 with a clear vision to provide quality service to its clients at right cost, in the field of electronics and internet technologies. Present activities include Electronic product design, Process / testing automation, Educational projects and Quality solutions. The firm focus on concepts and fundamentals with practical sense and is committed to continuous improvement based on regular customer feedback and by foreseeing their demands. Here, Quality is never compromised and best business ethics are maintained!

It is the obligation of the firm to share the acquired knowledge with the budding engineers and other technical students which in turn will contribute to the nation and the world. To materialise this desire, guidance for student projects (embedded / circuits) and seminar / workshop on practical electronics (embedded / circuits) are offered with exposure to Industry practice in design / production / Quality / trouble shooting etc. Also, a concise but relevant technical directory and online store dedicated to electronics is being maintained.

Truetek World is managed by its Proprietor and Chief Executive Antu Dominic worked with world class companies and having professional experience for more than 25 years. Also, he is the advisor to 'nokia forum'. The firm has been gaining credibility among its clients around the world.

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