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Truetek World, Angamaly (Ankamaly / Angamali / Ankamali), Kochi - Ernakulam, Kerala, India electronic components, instruments, engineering institutes, companies, books      
Reserved space
Office and lab:

Truetek World, Parackal Square, Near St Ann's College,

Angamaly - 683572, Ernakulam District, Kerala, India

Contact person:

Antu Dominic (BE - Manipal) @ +91 - 9995844465


Between St Anns College and Elite Palazzo and
opposite Chettungal Tourist Home

Approx 3.0 kms from Cochin International Airport
Approx 1.0 Km from Angamaly Railway Station
Approx 0.5 Km from Angamaly KSRTC Bus Stand


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